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Pollock Bros. Tree Service Inc.
Pollock Bros. Tree Service Inc.
Family Owned and Operating for 50 Years Servicing the Community!
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Our Services

Professional Tree Service
Our Services Include:
Pruning – from the largest Elm, Oak or Maple Tree to detail pruning specimen shrubs

Tree Removal – of any size tree safely with our specialized equipment

Transplanting Large Trees – Equipment that can give your property instant shade. We can move trees and shrubs of any size

Spraying for Insects & Diseases – done by certified pesticide applicators, to protect your trees and shrubs from harmful pests

Deep Root Fertilizing – gets the liquid fertilizer to the root system when needed

Land Clearing & Logging – Our mechanized tree equipment and whole tree chippers are the most efficient technology available

Materials We Provide - Firewood, Wood Chips

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